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CSR Partnerships

Y4D foundation’s strength lies in its Human Resource who are enriched with vast experience of implementing village to national level development programs in diverse sectors. Y4D Implement Impactful Multi-sectoral CSR Initiatives and have partnered with reputed public sector enterprises and corporate through public and private partnerships at the community, national and global level, Our work spread across these following areas:

Good Health and Well being (SDG3)

Health is vitally important for every human being at all ages and health is our most important commodity. The realization of the right to health implies that each country will put in place health services that are available in any circumstance, accessible to everyone, qualitative and satisfactory. Y4D is working towards Ensuring Healthy lives and Promote wellbeing for all sections of society, through these following flagship initiatives:

  • 1) Health and Nutrition
  • 2) Medical Health camps
  • 3) Awareness Drive

Quality Education (SDG4)

Education is a powerful driver of prosperity. For any society to sustainably grow, education is a seed to it. Y4D ensures inclusive, equitable and quality education for economically and socially underprivileged human being and also promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all, through its various initiatives, some of them are:

  • 1) Digital Training and Research centre
  • 2) Digital literacy
  • 3) Academic and Non-Academic Libraries

Livelihood (SDG 1, 2 & 8)

Y4D believes that without financial empowerment, there cannot be an upliftment of the underprivileged section of society. To achieve financial upliftment, Y4D Promote sustained, sustainable and inclusive livelihood, and works on generating employment opportunities though its various initiatives:

  • 1) Rural Sustainable Development
  • 2) Organic and Skilled Farming
  • 3) Market Linkages, Formation of FPO and Women’s Self Help Groups

Environment Conservation(SDG 13,14 and 15)

Clean environment is a basic right of any citizen and it is the current generation's responsibility to pass a healthy and clean environment to the next generation. Y4D works towards maintaining a healthy, natural environment by protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources and the ecological communities that inhabit them, in the following ways:

  • 1) Plantation Drive- Go green Initiative
  • 2) Heritage Conservation Drive
  • 3) Clean Festival Drive
  • 4) Development of Man Made forest
  • 5) Water bodies cleanliness drive

Disaster Response

Natural and Manmade calamities come without warning and it's a responsibility of complete humanity to work on reducing the sufferings of the affected. Y4D as a social organisation always stays at the forefront of disaster response and support in the form of immediate survival of the affected, awareness to avoid panic and prevention from spread. Y4D through its professional and expert human resources and volunteers improves the effectiveness of disaster relief, helps saving and rebuilding the lives of people affected by disaster. Y4D works towards Disaster response includes:

  • 1) Fight Health Pandemics
  • 2) Flood relief Support
  • 3) Drought Relief Support

Related Projects


Aayushmaan Aadhar Ambulance Program

  • Theme :- Health
  • Partner Agency :- Aadhar Housing Finance Limited
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 782 /
  • Location :- Pan India


Emergency medical services known as ambulance services or paramedic


Aayushmaan Aadhar Health camps

  • Theme :- Health and Nutrition
  • Partner Agency :- Aadhar Housing Finance Limited
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 34050 / 68100
  • Location :- Pan India


In Collaboration with Aadhar Housing finance


Digital Training and resource centre

  • Theme :- Education
  • Partner Agency :- Alfa Laval
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 190 / 760
  • Location :- Pune

Description: In today’s world technology is advancing with a rapid pace and it has become a very essential part


Samridh Kisan

  • Theme :- livelihood
  • Partner Agency :- Nina Foods
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 57 / 228
  • Location :- Kolhapur, Maharashtra


Agriculture is the economic base of most developing countries, especially in the developing world. The role of agriculture has always been important for socio-economic development. Baby corn is in

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