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Digital Training Centre

Government schools in India are failing to prepare a child aligning with the 21st century Education system due to lack of resources, this has serious consequences impacting students’ ability to achieve learning objectives across a range of subjects and to undertake higher education. Most students in government schools struggle to face the competition with the world outside. Providing Digital Infrastructure and Literacy to Children as a school education has a significant opportunity, As there is a requirement to prepare people to use technology productively upon entering adulthood, with this they will be better equipped to solve problems, think critically and enter new virtual spaces.
Through this project, we are trying to provide a technologically enabled learning platform for government schools to introduce them to technological education and provide them with digital gadgets i.e Computers to use for their education.
Project Implementation and reach :
In today’s world technology is advancing with a rapid pace and it has become a very essential part of our lives. We make use of it on a daily basis to improve our living. With such rapid growth; our dependence on various technologies, especially those involving digital elements, is expected to increase. In order to accomplish specific tasks, it is inevitable to have the knowledge and practical skills to use digital platforms. But even now Economically weaker section of our society does not have access to digital gadgets and if they have they are not trained to use them properly.
To spread Digital knowledge, we are setting up a Computer lab in government schools through this program so that they can be digitally educated and help their family members to use technology for their daily work needs to improve their livings.
Through this project we are providing Digital Infrastructure as a computer lab in 1 of the government school of Pune District, So that availability of basic devices for students and teachers to access online education through PCs, Digital Board, internet, and Audiovisuals devices is ensured so that they could be empowered Digitally. And with help of the facility students of 3 nearby schools will be covered to train on digital education. 500+ School students and teachers will be benefited from this project.

Target Group: The project aims to work with children from class 5th to 10th
Training Structure:
Each batch have 20 students.
Duration of Training Program: 1 Year

  • Theme :- Digital Education
  • Partner Agency :- Share and Care Foundation
  • Direct Beneficiaries :- 500+
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :- 800+
  • Location :- Pune, Maharashtra
  • Donate For The Cause


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