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Sashakt Baalak, Sashakt Bhaarat

Today malnutrition is one of the biggest challenges plaguing our society which makes our next generation weak and fragile. India can only progress when it empowers its next generation. Thus, Y4DFoundation has named its malnutrition combat program as “Sashakt Balak, Sashakt Bharat”. Y4D, through this initiative combating malnutrition through awareness drives, balanced food, and enabling food fortification by the use of MicroNutrient Powder and distributing it to the malnourished children. Y4D’s Volunteers visit schools and orphanages for sensitizing teachers, management, and parents on malnutrition.

  • Theme :- Health and Nutrition
  • Partner Agency :- Reckitt Benckiser, Manisha Pharmo Plastpvt. Ltd,Trzan Sports
  • Direct Beneficiaries :- 64751
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :- 97126
  • Location :- Maharashtra
  • Donate For The Cause


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