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Project Details


Digital Training Centre

Accelerates the digital literacy program in Rajasthan

Equips 10 Government Schools with Digital Training Centre and interactive e-learning tools to make the student's future ready in the fast-paced technological time.

Y4D Foundation in association with Aadhar Housing Finance Limited installed Digital Training Centres in 10 government schools in Rajasthan as part of ‘Aadhar Kaushal’ a CSR initiative focused on skilling and development of the larger strata of the society.
The Digital Training Centres, interactive e-learning tools, and infrastructure across each of the 10 government schools include a modern computer lab with 21 computers with multimedia software, a projector that magnifies the image on a large screen, a smart board, and furniture. This initiative under Aadhar Kaushal is based on the belief that quality education should not be a privilege and reserved for a few but should be available to all. This goal can be achieved in the digital age and the students can be made future-ready if schools are digitally well equipped.
The establishment of these Digital Classrooms in Government schools will enhance the quality of teaching and learning experience. Digital literacy has increased information that can be effortlessly accessed and used to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

This project has made significant efforts to integrate technology into the educational system, supporting the digital classroom initiative by installing interactive digital set-ups in ten government schools in Jaipur, namely
1. Gandhi Senior Secondary School, 
2. Govt. Senior Secondary School, Govt 
3. Girls Senior Secondary School, Govt 
4. Adarsh Girls Senior Secondary School
5. Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School 
6. Govt. Senior Secondary School 
7. Govt Girls Senior Secondary School 
8. Govt. Senior Secondary School 
9. Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School 
10. Govt. Maharaja Girls Senior Secondary School

  • Theme :- Digital Education
  • Partner Agency :- Aadhar Housing Finance Limited
  • Direct Beneficiaries :- 10000
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :- 15000
  • Location :- Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Donate For The Cause


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