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01 Mar

Y4D “Plan Your Future” Session at Hutatma Rajguru Vidyalaya & Jr. College, Pune 411016

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Y4D “Plan Your Future”Session at HutatmaRajguruVidyalaya&Jr. College, Pune 411016) Y4D foundation arranged “Plan Your Future” series Session On 27th of Feb 2018, for 11th standard students of Hutatma Rajguru Vidyalaya &Jr. College. From Y4D, Col. Shishir Kumar delivered the expert lecture. Y4D Foundation is a charitable organization with primary focus on Citizen Empowerment. Y4D work on formula of 3E - Educate (Skill), Employ & encourage to empower the citizen. As part of mission encouragement, Y4D running “Plan Your Future” Sessionseries in different collages and schools so that students are aware about future opportunities and can choose pathconfidently. Y4D have a team of professionals who take these sessions and answer students queries on preparations for better future. On 27th Feb from Y4D Foundation President Praful Nikam, and expert guest Col. Shishir Kumar was present for the lecture. Mrs.Shete madam introduced Y4D team to students and explained the objective of session. Y4D Foundation President Praful Nikam talked about Y4D’s different projects and how organization is working with youth to create an empowered generation. He talked on points which students need to embody in themselves for better future. He emphasized on confidence and communication as success mantra of life. He has given the various courses options which students don’t know, he answered students question related to the specific career options. He closed his session with thank you note to principle and teachers. After the Mr. Praful’s speech, Col. Shishir Kumar shared his vast experience with students. Col. Shishir Kumar talked on the overall behavior of the students in and outside the school. He also touched various topics related to the career & motivation to the students in his speech, First time the Hutatma Rajguru Vidyalaya &Jr. College students was hearing a career expert with such a vast experience of dealing with students. Col. Shishir Kumar told many stories and given examples to connect with students. His talk was very inspiring & motivated all the students to follow the good things in life to achieve the best. After the lecture, Principle Mr. Patil thanked Y4D Team. Jr.College Management was very happy that the first time expert’s visited their college and interacted with all the students. After the lecture, Professor’s and staff organized breakfast and tea for the Y4D team; over the breakfast we talked a lot on the progress of the students, they also ready to give us the place for Spoken English classes to their students. With the good note from the Principle Mr.Patil and staff, commitment to work together, Y4D team left the college.

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