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Vision & Mission

We are the youth platform which works for the betterment of the society by finding sustainable solutions. Y4D believes into better future can be achieved by education & empowerment. So, Y4D specifically focus on area of Child Education & Youth Employment.

  • Empowering Youth through Skilling via career courses. Y4D runs program “Skilling for Employment” for youth under privileged background (BPL).
  • We work on engaging youth for different social causes which includes Clean-up drives, Green Earth, Spreading Awareness of Citizen Rights etc.

Y4D runs different initiatives like Young Think Series Plan your future in his first Conclave to develop youth leadership into different areas. Y4D believes in working together & connect the youth for common cause. Empowerment is not possible without ensuring rights of citizens. So, Y4D believes on making sure deliver of Child Rights, Women Rights & Strengthening of Institutions to guarantee the Citizen Rights.

Core Team

Advisory Board


Amisha Pathak

Tarun Pandey

Ishita Yadav

Jyoti Singh

Deependra Kumar

Akriti Lakra

Parul Shrivastva

Aryaman Pathak

Yash Shukla

Prashant Ladwa

Sudhakar Subbarao

Manjunath Bhimalli

Volunteers & Chapters

Y4D has 6000 + volunteers across different cities from various background.

Majority volunteers are young working professionals from field of IT, Mechanical and electronics. There is a good chunk of students and youth with self owned business who are part of Y4D Team.

Y4D have chapter across many cities which include Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Solapur, Raigad, Ahemadnagar, Nashik, Pandharpur Delhi & Banaras.

Team is continuously working on reaching into new geographical locations and work areas.

Y4D takes conscious effort to maintain gender and social diversity in all it’s programs.

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Q1. How can I contribute?
Ans. You can contribute either by donating for any cause or by volunteering in any of the cause.

Q2. How can I become a volunteer?
Ans. You can become a volunteer by participating in Y4D activities or by arranging social activities in your area.

Q3.How can I become a member?
Ans. You will be a part of the Y4D team & participate in the event planning process.